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What I do?

Rae DruceWhat I do during a netball season?

I don't belong to any specific netball club or association I work independently, registered through Netball Victoria, Australia.

My netball schedule in coaching & umpiring is by reputation. I have never advertised for coaching positions.

Coaching first started in earnest being part of a club which won the "champion club" of the year. We took several teams to the grand finals over a three year period winning two grand finals and runners up in another.

From there I was asked to take coaching sessions for teams from various clubs to help them win a final or grand final match. I had to develop a training session of speed coaching and this has become a big part of my coaching career today.

One summer competition I formed a team called the Jades and somehow we ended up with three Jades teams, one veteran and two high school teams. The veterans team won the competition against A grade sides, going through without dropping a game, which boosted my rating a little further to start coaching rep squads.

There will be the full story about the veteran Jades team, as we were affectionately called the "geriatrics". This article will show you how a bunch of ladies, without too much fitness, and some who never played netball, were able to win over younger and more athletic teams.

Rep coaching for me is always exciting as we only have 6 weeks to prepare a team from scratch. Each year, since 2004, we take one or two squads to play in two-day indoor carnivals and several one day competitions.

Umpiring is still a big part of netball seasons. I umpire for clubs who book me for various games and competitions throughout the season.

Umpiring allows me the chance to gauge potential Rep players' performance. This way I am able to make recommendations to the netball association organizers to invite these players for the rep training squad/s.

In addition much of my coaching throughout the competition period is working closely with club coaches and their teams. Often this is done by phone along with specific training days to help a club if they have fallen into a lull.

Learning never stops and I get old and new training methods revised watching sport's and shows on TV. You can pick up so much information by adapting any sport to netball.

When time permits I trundle off with other members of our training squad to State netball training days or just go and watch teams play at various country and city centres. I make a day of it and just enjoy watching netball!

Somewhere in the midst of all this I write training articles to provide hopefully solid information for players and coaches to use in their games.

Much of my coaching experience has also come from about 20 years speaking with Australian and International cycling coaches at Open & National road bike races. My husband, a road bike racer and runner also has a website showing endurance athletes how to become super fit and fast on minimal training.

The key to real improvement in any sport is twofold…

 1. The simple desire to want to do well with the determination and grit to improve.
 2. And as a team take direction from a coach, as it is hard to see your own mistakes!

Enthusiasm, unfortunately does not win games, as how many netballers aren't enthusiastic and excited to play this fabulous game? 

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Courtside Tactical Play 

Tactics #1
This crucial tactic will
show you how the professionals get the ball past the defenders to the goal shooters.

Please note: All players swap between being attackers and defenders depending on which team has possession of the ball. You need to know how goal shooters work the circle otherwise GA & GS will have all their own way. Tactics #2 will show you what's going on in the circle!

Tactics #2
You have got the ball to the shooters. What next? It is critical all players know how to work the goal circle to prevent a turnover.

Also learn the goal shooting technique that will have you shooting a high percentage of goals in any tough competition.

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