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The two greatest netball attributes for a winning formula

Aussie Rules football commentators are often heard saying, “Footballers are spending too much time in the gym and the basic skill of kicking has deteriorated. The game is based on kicking technique and accuracy, not on muscle bulk and strength”.

Even at a high level, sport coaches and players are being heavily influenced by sport’s scientists and media slogans along with all the publicity hype.

In netball it is the same, the basic and primary skill of passing is becoming secondary to weight training and other gym work. Generic muscle power does not win games – passing accurately and good court positioning does…

Aside from goal shooters putting the ball through the net, solid passing and court positioning the real formula that wins games.

Being out of court position makes uncontested space available to the opposition. Players can only cover their opponents efficiently if they are always in their respective positions.

Being out of position causes bunching and over crowding as so often seen in club games. 

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Courtside Tactical Play

Tactics #1
This crucial tactic will
show you how the professionals get the ball past the defenders to the goal shooters.

Please note: All players swap between being attackers and defenders depending on which team has possession of the ball. You need to know how goal shooters work the circle otherwise GA & GS will have all their own way. Tactics #2 will show you what's going on in the circle!

Tactics #2
You have got the ball to the shooters. What next? It is critical all players know how to work the goal circle to prevent a turnover.

Also learn the goal shooting technique that will have you shooting a high percentage of goals in any tough competition.

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